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ensaios radioativos

Directed by Symone Strobel and based in Sousa Haz`s book, Ensaios Radioativos is a hybrid theater show presented at Miguel Falabella Theater in Rio de Janeiro. The play brings several artistic languages together, providing a sensory and imagery experience for the audience. The original show addresses poetic subjects such as the origin of the universe, technological advances, the use of nuclear energy and its developments, the discoveries of quantum physics, environmental preservation, the use of natural and artificial resources, as well as mythologies, the body, and memory.


Oi Futuro Ipanema presented in 2016-2017 an exhibition by the film-maker, performer, visual artist, poet and writer Márcio André: “bug:god”. The solo show, included in the program “Poesia Visual 2”, takes its name from one of Márcio André’s works: a visual poem on a playing card. The exhibition presents in looping visual poems (as “Joia”), videoperformances (as “Obrigado, Sehor”) and a luso-spanish production with the participation of the actors Jorge Varela, Celine Rabartin and Ana Gesto.

in the middle of the way

visual poem created to SONS, Belgian contemporary art museum dedicated to the shoes, the work is a ready-made poster using verses of Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Anne Sexton. From Drummond, it was used the poem "There was a stone in the middle of the road" transposed into English and repeated in the background; From the American poet, it was used the first two lines of the poem "Hurry up please it's time" to compose the two shoe soles: "What is death I ask" forms the left footprint and "what is life you ask" (in inverted writing ) forms the right footprint.


A multimedia poem-installation remotely controlled. Having as reference only a webcam in a room covered with projections, the author was "present" full-time at Centro Cultural São Paulo, manipulating poetry through sounds and images directly from Spain, and interacting with everyone who "approaches". The performance was intended to highlight the "bug : god" unknown and automaton that acts behind the digital paraphernalia and ask about the place of the artist in the virtual world.


Video poems created for the digital exhibition "Paradas em Movimento", at Centro Cultural São Paulo.

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